2014-02-23 • Los Angeles

“The PATH Parenting Experience”

4-hour Intensive Workshop

with Scott Noelle
Sunday, February 23rd, 1pm–5pm
Hari’s RIE Studio
Shoes off, please :)
2901 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite 121
Santa Monica, CA
$100 per adult participant*
(In-arms babies are welcome, free of charge)

* Workshop attendees who pay the full rate will be offered a free 4-month membership in the PATH Program (a $96 value).

* Present and former members of the PATH Program can use their accumulated PATH Points! The workshop fee is waived in exchange for 10,000 PATH Points per adult. (Most members receive 2,400 Points per month. Points are not transferable; a member's Points may be used only for the member and the member's spouse/partner.)

Get Invited...

This is an invitation-only event, with enrollment limited to 25 people. To be invited, you must attend the introductory workshop on Wed, Feb 12th.**

Click here to request an invitation to this event

UPDATE (Feb 17) — There is still room for a few more participants. If you request an invitation, please also send an email to Scott to let him know you submitted the request form.

** The requirement to attend the introductory workshop may be waived for certain people who have already been coached in the PATH concepts by Scott Noelle.


All PATH Parenting events are consciously designed to be as child-friendly as circumstances allow. Although it's easier for most people to focus on the workshop if their children are not present, it is possible for participants to bring their children to this workshop under certain conditions:

  • Any attached baby who will be kept in arms or in a sling/carrier the whole time is welcome. (If your baby is sick or colicky, it is best that you not attend this workshop with him/her.)
  • Active/mobile toddlers and small children should probably NOT come along as there is no separate space in this venue for them to be their natural, delightful, LOUD selves. :) However...
  • If you prefer to stay close to your active child (e.g., for nursing and other attachment needs) you can bring along a babysitter or family member to attend to your child. This helper can then take your child to Clover Park (about 4 blocks aways) when he/she needs to move and play freely, and bring your child back to reconnect with you during the workshop when required to address his/her attachment needs.
  • There will be a portion of the meeting space set aside for any children who are able to play quietly, read, color, etc., but keep in mind that 4 hours is a long time to be quiet, even for a naturally "mellow" child.
  • There will be a break mid-way through the workshop for everyone to move, stretch, snack, chat, and reconnect with their children if they are there.

Questions? Contact Scott Noelle.